IT Modernization

Enterprise-Level IT Assessment & Architecture

Spruce has provided strategic assessment services to multiple government agency enterprise platform architectures. Our multi-phase approach ensures no issue is left unexamined, analyzing each aspect of an agency through a technological lens. We create a plan for optimizing an agency’s current technology, processes, people, and organization, with focus on streamlining your IT tools.


We begin with planning and building the project foundation. Rapid, in-depth qualitative research (interviews, group meetings, document review, etc.) helps us pinpoint current organizational and IT priorities, initiatives, and goals. The results of this discovery phase allow the Spruce team to deliver a detailed project plan with specific areas of focus, established according to client priorities viewed from an IT strategy perspective.


With a baseline understanding established, we document all available technology assets to support these goals. People are the center of this phase. We assess the comfort and satisfaction levels for the current technologies used. The best technological solution is no good to those who cannot use it and cannot support it.


We then transform these findings into tangible results using gap and comparative analysis. Drawing from a multitude of IT professional colleagues and affiliates, we assess both cost and risk drivers aimed to capitalize on the greatest return on each IT dollar spent. Spruce specializes in an array of platforms designed to strengthen Enterprise systems. Our expertise using software packages such as Microsoft 365, Oracle, SAP, PeopleSoft, Workday and many others ensures the best short-, mid- and long-term plans for the client, regardless of technological capability. This includes recommendations for migrating on-premises systems to the cloud and ensuring proper security for data centers to applications, and from data to end points. Most importantly, plans are enacted to assure compliance with both government and any other agency standards as required by the project.

Additionally, our enterprise solutions include:

  • Infrastructure Engineering for building, managing, and evolving shared IT
  • IT or Infrastructure operations for administration and performance monitoring
  • IT Services Management
  • Information Services Management, IT Strategy and Portfolio Management, and IT Governance

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