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User Experience in the Information age

Both private and public agencies are in the midst of a technological revolution to meet the demand for clearer communications, transparent relationships, and more efficient services. In an increasingly automated world, citizens expect modern interfaces and fast results. Spruce works with agencies to upgrade their complex paper or legacy-based systems to provide instant results at their users’ fingertips.

Proven & Ready

We come equipped with a myriad of experiences overhauling government systems nationally. At the forefront, Spruce leads the digital revolution for building compliance agencies with a large-scale suite of licensing and enforcement applications (“DOB NOW”) for one of the largest municipal Buildings departments in the country. The paper-based array of building codes, processes, licensed professionals, and work types is succumbing to an online approach. Using a custom Microsoft Dynamics CRM interface as a foundation, Spruce built the robust architecture and security features enabling each successful release of this solution. The online Public Portal solution continues to cater to over 1 million users who can now interact with their city in new and exciting ways. Citizens and industry professionals may track work permits, submit applications for various construction services, apply for licenses, make payments, provide attestations, and take advantage of countless other streamlined solutions. Conversely, agency employees may perform checks at each step of the filing process.

Exceptional UX Through Seamless Integrations

At its heart, the DOB NOW project simplifies the user experience, optimizing a once complex system with the push of a button. Whether it is automating licensing processes, providing required reviews and approvals in a fraction of the time, allowing government personnel in the field to access and update data using mobile devices, or integrating an agency’s business processes so that data is entered once and used multiple times, Spruce has met the challenges of providing efficient, secure, and cost-effective solutions.

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