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Imagination meets modern computing.

From Sandbox to toolbox...

From sprawling cloud-based solutions to handheld mobile technology, Spruce equips and connects clients with leading cloud service providers. The geo-redundant storage and asynchronous geo-replicated data cloud application technology support many new ways to create business models, processes, and tools. For on-the-go clientele, partnering mobile solutions with cloud-based services just makes sense.

...without the tissue box

Spruce has created a number of mobile solutions for government entities. At a glance, a State Utilities Commission relied on Spruce for a mobile solution to ensure, enforce, and report on Federal Pipeline Safety compliance. 

Beyond strict adherence to Federal and State pipeline safety code, the mobile solution provided state-of-the-art role based security while centralized and standardized data allowed for compliance reporting with ease. Further, the mobile interface featured equally sleek UI functions  and Bot technology allowing for voice-to-text input, on and offline capabilities, drag and drop scheduling, and standard touch friendly inspections. Our cloud-based solutions are designed specifically to unify and simplify what is required to support new ways of doing business.


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