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Understanding our clients’ priorities, goals and constraints help Spruce drive client success

Spruce’s engagement process is client-focused, not Spruce-focused. Our leadership, having come from large technology organizations, understands what it is like to be “sold” something that’s really in the best interests of the seller. The Spruce approach is different. The key to Spruce’s engagement success has been and continues to be our understanding of our clients, and our commitment to their goals. 

1. Engage with the RIGHT PEOPLE

Spruce’s success with our clients starts with ensuring we bring the right people to the table, allowing us to understand our clients’ needs more deeply.  A Spruce engagement team includes experienced counterparts to key client personnel, who speak the same language, understand technical, operational, and administrative pains, and are best equipped to apply Spruce strengths to client needs.

2. Collaboratively define the SCOPE OF SERVICES

Spruce is a technology-neutral consulting firm with over 15 years of experience across a huge range of technology services.  As such, Spruce approaches client engagements without the limitation of a menu of software products or cookie-cutter services.  Once Spruce’s engagement team understands our client’s needs, we work collaboratively with client leadership to define how Spruce’s experience, capabilities, and areas of specialization can best be applied to client priorities and goals.

3. Select the best suited SPRUCE APPROACH

Spruce brings proven methodologies to our client engagements, each of which has been optimized for the delivery of specific project types.  Once the scope of Spruce’s services is known, the client’s requirements will drive which of Spruce’s proven delivery methodologies will be applied to the job.  Spruce has numerous, tried-and-true project methods, based on industry standards and best practices, including Spruce’s:

  • Advisory Services Methodology
  • Hybrid Delivery Approach
  • Fully Agile Implementation
  • Traditional Waterfall SDLC
  • Rapid RPA Deployment Approach
4. Ensure a COMMON UNDERSTANDING of all delivery details

Spruce’s delivery methodologies all include structured phases, standard deliverables, and measurable outcomes, but are also specifically geared to be molded to align with client expectations.  Key pre-initiation activities help assure project success. These include developing a common understanding of Spruce/client roles and responsibilities, defining the level of client participation across the delivery lifecycle, and building a timeline for the project that is aligned with the client’s vision for the engagement. This baseline of delivery detail is built into a project charter that serves as the foundation of project delivery and enables the development of measurable success indicators.

5. Assure CLIENT CONFIDENCE with ongoing communications

Spruce moves directly from pre-initiation activities into the formal delivery process, with a project kick-off procedure that formalizes the charter, adds further depth to the schedule and plan, and continues to engage client personnel with the right Spruce delivery counterparts. In addition to other critical aspects of project delivery, the project charter also includes a communications plan to ensure the client has proper visibility at all levels throughout the engagement.

6. Implement a program of CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT

Spruce approaches every engagement with two goals in mind:

  • Work with clients closely, collaboratively, and with the right people to establish a sense of trust and respect
  • Deliver quality outcomes that are aligned with the client’s priorities, setting the client up for success

These goals can only be partially achieved during delivery, however. The final step in achieving Spruce’s engagement goals is to help our clients establish a sustainable outlook for continuous improvement so that client success can be measured, not just in terms of a single scope of delivery, but in years of benefit and return on investment.

Our Executive Team

Our leadership team is made up of dedicated, focused, and experienced executives

Our Thinking

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Spruce envisions, designs, and engineers solutions to transform our clients’ information systems, streamline their business processes, and improve operational efficiencies. Our success relies on our dedicated employees, who truly partner with our customers and connect deeply to understand their current and long-term needs.

-Srini Penumella

Chief Executive Officer

Our Success

Back to School COVID-19 Case Tracking Solution

Spruce partnered with one of the largest school systems in the country to provide a system to track and record COVID-19 cases within the school population. The client had an immediate need to quickly implement a tracking system as part of the reopening of their school system. Spruce was able to develop a set of integrated software tools to monitor and manage positive COVID-19 tests throughout the school system and administrative offices as well as other city departments.

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