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We know that good policy is not created in a vacuum – it comes from taking an honest look at who people are and asking: what are their biggest challenges?  What are their common values?  Where do they want to go?

Regardless of size and scope, Spruce confidently provides secure data solutions for administrative and government entities, capturing the stories of our communities through statistics and figures as we gain the insight needed to map a more efficient and equitable future for all.

Gather, Cleanse, Analyze, Benefit

A recent government data centralization solution successfully and securely provided multifaceted data sharing across municipalities and hundreds of millions of records. To ensure proper handling of sensitive data, Spruce provided both policy and technology foundations utilizing an advanced data repository. Spruce connected three major municipalities for data transmission. At a first level, the process securely stored, cleansed, and transformed municipality data in an Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment to be quickly accessed and cross-analyzed when combined with all agency data. All stored data across hosts was then combined and securely transferred to a Microsoft Cloud environment (Azure), accessible only to specific stakeholders. Since data was transformed and cross-analyzed early on, stakeholders could extract data from their AWS or Azure environment at any point in the process.

Multiple Platforms, Multiple Levels of Security

What’s more, data hosted across multiple platforms ensured strong security and encryption. Any effort to thwart data during its transmission process is protected by further authorization protocols and the cleansing of personal data at the start of the process. With that, each municipality could withdraw data into its own unique systems without coordination between them or additional steps to extract data from unfamiliar systems. The ease of use further mitigated long-term risks while a small team focused solely on data centralization to provide an incredibly sustainable model. Though smaller in scale, the implemented solution could readily be scaled to larger communication efforts as well as adapted to other agencies.

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