Legacy Modernization

Legacy Modernization

Streamline operational processes by leveraging the latest technologies

Spruce understands that Legacy Modernization is not just transforming technology but enabling the evolution of an organization. We take pride in bringing the right experience, teams, tools, and commitment to help transform your legacy technologies with the optimal return on investment.

Spruce has a proven approach for not only the challenges but the opportunities a legacy modernization brings. We partner with you, accounting for every vital technology and organizational factor, developing plans beyond the core technology to account for data and reporting needs, managing training, communications, and organizational change management.

Providing teams and tools to migrate and manage older systems

Our Capabilities

Transformation Roadmaps

Define the scope of what your legacy modernization includes and is intended to accomplish, and define the right path to achieve it.


Understand and document the current state of the legacy system and plan for data and reporting needs.


Take the next step; Implement your transformation plan.

User Adoption

Manage training, communications, and organizational change management.


While you plan for transformation, keep the lights on for legacy systems with our as-needed staff.

Let’s work together