Underground Damage Prevention

Underground Damage Prevention Overview

Protect your complex web of underground infrastructure and critical assets

Our communities depend on a complex array of utilities to provide everyday necessities like gas, water, electricity, and connectivity. Numerous parties are involved with conducting maintenance and repair activities on this underground web of essential infrastructure, which can easily lead to erroneously disrupting one another’s assets. The impacts can be devastating – from service outages to costly remediation and even major injury.

Using data tracking, communications, and compliance applications, Spruce’s Underground Damage Prevention solution helps protect our customers’ infrastructure while helping to enforce mandated regulations around excavations.


Utilities are faced with hundreds or even thousands of excavations in their territories but have a limited number of workers they can dispatch to ensure safe digging. Many still rely heavily on spreadsheets and gut feel to decide where to intervene to try to prevent damages, but the experts said utilities must take a more data-driven approach. Everyone from utility and excavation companies to the public loses when critical underground infrastructure is damaged, which is why damage prevention is top of mind for industry experts.


Spruce’s safety compliance application enables your enforcement of mandated regulations around underground excavations. Our trusted guide protects vital underground infrastructure and improves safety during excavation activities conducted in the vicinity of existing underground facilities.


Heighten Safety

  • Perform site inspections to observe field conditions, markings, and procedures.
  • Equip workers with the information they need to dig responsibly and protect their teams.

2. Easily Obtain & Submit Notifications

  • Track any reported violations or utility damages cause during an excavation.
  • Issue notices for probable violations, violations, and other compliance actions.
  • Issue notifications or letters to encourage adherence to State guidelines and rules.

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