Rapid Workforce Augmentation for Financial Sector Client

Spruce formed a partnership with CoEnterprise to act as their backend resourcing organization and help them ramp up for large, complex projects.

Spruce partnered with CoEnterprise to act as their back end technical support arm for large projects, primarily in the Financial Services industry. As a smaller firm, CoEnterprise had the expertise to craft solutions and map out a plan, but they did not always have the staff to effectively complete the project within a client’s desired timeframe.

By using Spruce as their staffing partner, CoEnterprise was able to take on more innovative and sizeable projects by leveraging Spruce’s experience and capabilities in just-in-time and niche workforce augmentation. CoEnterprise was able to become more cost-effective by engaging certain staffers on an as-needed basis and relying on Spruce to handle the time-consuming background checks, interview process, and other back-office burdens which Spruce is well-positioned to manage efficiently for our staffing clients.


CoEnterprise is a smaller firm with a niche focuses and specialized expertise. As they’ve grown and were asked to deliver more complex projects, they ran low on bandwidth to support their projects. CoEnterprise was tasked with the migration of a financial trading platform utilized by more than 200,000 users. They needed a team of migration and data analysis resources to facilitate the migration of these users in a timely and efficient manner while minimizing the risk of data loss or corruption.


Spruce was able to provide CoEnterprise with a combination of technical and functional staff to lead the analysis and migration of this data through secure channels and a niche platform. CoEnterprise architected the design of the solution while the Spruce team of data and migration analysts executed the transmissions and prepared all users for the migration. Both parties benefited from the presence of the other, and all objectives were completed.

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