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Time Tracker Solution

Spruce’s Time Tracker is the secret to productivity for your employees, wherever they may be located

Spruce’s Time Tracker is an HR application that allows your employees and contractors to easily record their work hours from wherever they are. By enabling accurate timekeeping for your workforce, whether in the field, working from home, or in a traditional office setting, you can maintain accountability and utilize the data to get ahead of emerging issues that can otherwise be difficult to detect, especially with a remote or distributed workforce. Our highly configurable product can easily accommodate your organization’s particular structure and preferences, such as a clean and easy to use Work From Home Tracker, automated monthly reporting with check-in history by location, and an enterprise grade high performance, secure, backend.


Now that more and more people are working from home, it can be difficult to keep track of employees, know the hours they are working, and enforcing policies related to their schedules. New employees may not be aware of or understand how to comply with company rules around work hours, lunch breaks, and more.


Let Spruce’s Time Tracker application take the guesswork out of timesheets for both employees and management. With flexibility to build rules specific to your organization into the application, it is easy for employees in any location to keep their timesheets up to date and compliant with your operating model.


Improved Employee Experience

  • Access timesheets from any place and device.
  • Structured for quick and easy entry of information.

Create Back Office Efficiency

  • Ensure submissions comply with each employee’s role and relevant labor rules.
  • Quickly run reports and send data to payroll and other relevant systems.
  • Establish a consistent approach to time tracking across your on-site and remote workforce.

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