Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)

EEO Solution

Gain complete control over EEO cases

Spruce’s Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Case Management and Reporting solution helps clients mitigate legal risks, minimize the potential for lawsuits, and maximize compliance with federal and state anti-discrimination laws.

We offer an intuitive solution that enables reporters to easily document and describe alleged incidents through a seamless intake process. You can manage all investigative activities with end-to-end functionality, such as conducting interviews and collecting evidence while maintaining visibility into case activities through the entire lifecycle.


Workplace conflicts and disputes are costly to everyone involved – coworkers, teams and organizational units, clients, and the overall work culture and environment. The unfortunate truth is that workplace conflict is inevitable. Without proper training, claim management, and security in place, more and more issues are likely to arise.


Easily respond to claims of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation through use of our solution, which considers the sensitivity and complexity of such cases. 


Employee Confidence

  • All sensitive information is captured in a secure system to protect their privacy.
  • Claims go through a structured flow to support timely resolution.

Protect Your Organization

  • Only allow appropriate people access to an EEO claim.
  • Protect sensitive data throughout the entire claim and determination process.

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