College Access Control and Video Surveillance Implementation

Spruce installed and terminated cables to help provide an updated internal infrastructure and security system.

The IT industry has evolved before our eyes. Almost every piece of tech in any business is IP based, from network devices to phone systems to electronic security appliances. Data demand has increased exponentially, and this is especially true throughout the higher education industry, making it more important than ever to ensure reliability of data systems. The truth is that cabling may be one of the most important components of a network.

Spruce was able to provide a well-organized cable plant using the latest cabling to provide a high rate of data transfer speed. The new installed cables are now designed to provide the speed necessary to complete this college’s daily tasks as well as new security systems that were put in place.


New cables needed to be installed to replace old and outdated infrastructure. Substandard cabling can reduce the effectiveness of today’s sophisticated systems and take away some of the technological edge we believe we’re getting from advanced software and hardware. Any system is only as reliable as its weakest link.


By providing new cables and a new infrastructure system, Spruce was able to provide support to this music college with new low voltage requirements and electronic security which included key card access and security cameras, providing a safe environment for the students as well as their equipment.

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