Compliant Case Tracking for Major Fire Department’s HR Team

Spruce’s EEO Case Management Solutions empowered a local fire department to make more informed decisions, enhance fire prevention strategies in their city, and better manage its internal staff operations.

The fire department’s Office of EEO stakeholders and the Spruce team needed to design a risk mitigation approach and layout a contingency plan for future Court Monitor requirements and potential additions. We did so by providing a flexible design and architecture of the EEO solution to be modified easily, should the Court Monitor change its guidance and direction.

Spruce worked with the department to develop a suite of case management solutions centered around fire investigations, fire alarm inspections, and Equal Opportunity Case Management. Spruce also worked alongside the fire department stakeholders to help its inspectors improve overall efficiencies and decrease processing times of each inspection by over 300%. Inspectors were able to work in online or offline modes, using mobile devices in the field to record results and issue violation orders.

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Spruce identified several risks that were important to mitigate. The significant risk for the project was external stakeholders represented by a Court Monitor appointed by a Judge that was presiding over case against a fire department. The fire department's existing systems were unable to meet the Agency’s needs for tracking cases across multiple internal departments due to inconsistencies in legaxy records that had various formats and structures.


Spruce led the implementation of an end-to-end EEO Case Management solution for this fire department that included business process redesign, an optimized infrastructure, and all aspects of build, test, launch and maintenance. This new solution allows the different parties within the fire department to easily interact with the system and one another in a structured, secure way to capture important case details and move the process along for faster resolution times and an improved experience for claimants and Agency staff responsible for these cases.

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