Improving Performance through Application Development

As part of an ongoing engagement with an Environmental Protection Agency, Spruce developed a suite of applications to help the Agency across numerous areas, including case management and compliance management.

This Environmental Protection Agency manages a city’s water supply and works to reduce air, noise, and hazardous materials pollution.

The Spruce Team was able to help increase the value of information technology-related processes for their enterprise by guiding the Agency to: drive business objectives and achieve measurable outcomes; improve operational efficiencies, manage risk, and reduce costs; and encourage a culture of continuous improvement.

Spruce has successfully delivered end-to-end solutions for the Agency and continues to support those implementations as new projects are being delivered. The promise of rapidly delivering new applications and services (sometimes in 6 weeks end-to-end) while saving time and cost is why Spruce is capturing the attention of specific agencies and private sector organizations alike.


An Environmental Protection Agency has been growing, resulting in the need for application solutions in various areas to improve their overall functionality. Some of these services include evaluating IT infrastructure, updating current applications, and developing new ones to improve efficiency of the Agency and its related subsidiaries.


The solution included a variety of case management workflows, and also integrated with other case management applications in use at the Agency, including a workplace violence prevention application to replace the Agency’s decade-old legacy system, a disciplinary case management application to automate workflows and improve the efficiency and auditability of all related cases, a MS4 stormwater management application to provide a public facing portal for applicants requesting a permit, among others.

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