“Return to School” COVID-19 Case Tracking Solution

Spruce partnered with one of the largest school systems in the country to provide a system to track and record COVID-19 cases within the school population.

Facing an imminent need to log, track, and manage the incidences of COVID-19 cases among the school population, the client’s city administration sought the help of Spruce to build and implement a customized infrastructure to allow the client to track and respond to positive case reports in a timely manner. Spruce proposed the creation of solution that would leverage the city’s existing investment in a leading automation platform, and would support real-time data input and display updated metrics to assist city employees in their effort to maintain a safe investigative case management model to support process auditing and detailed reporting across all aspects of the system infrastructure.

Additionally, Spruce helped implement a “Situation Room” to centralize and enhance the efficiency of the client’s response to positive COVID-19 case reports. Using the platform developed by Spruce, those working in the Situation Room were able to utilize the real-time metrics displayed by the system to contact trace and monitor potential COVID-19 cases within the school population. This information was then used to monitor trends in COVID-19 case rates as well as inform relevant parties of possible exposure.

City employees from various departments, located within the client’s own administrative offices, were responsible for the central oversight of the case tracking efforts; taking calls from schools to report positive cases, inputting that information into the system, and then confirming the positive reports by corroborating the existence of a matching positive laboratory test for the individual in question. The purpose of the Situation Room was to increase the communication between the school system and relevant agencies to ensure the availability of accurate COVID-19 positive case information for both internal agencies and the public at-large. The deliverables and recommendations made by Spruce enabled the client to better track, log, and act upon reports of positive COVID-19 cases throughout the school population and beyond.


As the client’s city began to re-open public schools, testing for COVID-19 and tracking positive cases was a top priority for the administration. The client identified a need for a centralized infrastructure built around the establishment of a “Situation Room” to oversee all testing and tracking efforts within the school system. Separately, an infrastructure built to handle the intake and processing of COVID-19 reports was requisite to implementing a full system. Spruce was tasked with developing, creating, and implementing a system to track the spread of COVID-19 cases among the school population and respond appropriately to incidents of positive cases.


In response to the client’s needs, Spruce designed and developed a suite of software tools to provide the client with a secure, cloud-based platform to track and manage their COVID-19 response both for the school system and for other city agencies. Spruce’s solution included the creation of a case tracking portal, a call center to centralize case management efforts, real-time displays of all relevant statistics in a clear and configurable interface, and a public website to view relevant statistics to maintain transparency. Spruce provided the client with a comprehensive solution as well as continued monitoring and support.

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