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The World Trade Center Complex

Revitalizing the World Trade Center’s digital presence

Spruce developed a fully responsive, modern website for the World Trade Center. To tell their story, the site experience had to be more than what visitors see and read – it had to be something they could feel.

The World Trade Center (WTC) is an iconic NYC destination for visitors, whether local or from around the world. Until recently, this extraordinary public space had a dated static website that failed to communicate all it offers adequately. Spruce worked to build a website that would enable a vast spectrum of diverse personas to find exactly what they’re seeking – and more – through a sharply honed user interface, incorporating modern features often not used by a public agency.

The WTC website must speak to nearly innumerable needs in a manner unique to landmarks of its kind. It’s a government-owned and -operated property, yet also a transportation hub and center of commerce; an integral part of the local residential community; an international tourist destination full of historical, natural, and architectural delights; as well as a solemn memorial to one of the nation’s worst tragedies.

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Many visitors to the WTC have preconceived images of the site based on only one facet of its character. The new site needed to consolidate outdated and disparate pages and provide a comprehensive perspective on a great public space while channeling an array of personas to the specific information they need. Spruce was engaged to build a website that was outdated, disorganized, nonresponsive, and incorporated no analytics.


Spruce's team stepped up to the plate with a comprehensive user-centered design approach, optimizing the navigation for a user-friendly "one-stop" site with an easy and attractive search experience. The Spruce team designed and developed a user-centric website that appeals to the World Trade Center's core user groups: tourists and daily NYC commuters. The new website provides a centralized digital location for any type of visitor to discover anything they may want about the World Trade Center Complex.



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